Creative Design

Graphic Design.

It seems that trying to blend in is the ultimate sin, and it’s preventing you from displaying your unique gifts to the world.

(I better stop before I make a cheesy joke about forbidden fruit that I’ll definitely regret later.)

Humongous Ideas.

That’s why Cthulhu created branding. And why I improve upon it’s creation by inventing Panamon.

They say the road to hell is paved with mediocre ideas, so it’s good that you’ve made a U-turn and ended up here.

Creative Solutions.

I may not be the best at everything, but when it comes to making people laugh, I’m in a league of my own.

I could probably convince anyone to do just about anything. (No task is too daunting for a good chuckle.)


Here are a handful of ways I can help you get the kind of results you’d betray your best friend for.

All Things Naming

A name is crucial in the world of business. So if you want to get noticed, you better come up with something better than the half-baked suggestions your team threw at you.

In short, don’t skimp on the name game.

Graphics & Branding

I’ve been a go-to thinker for nearly a decade, coming up with creative solutions for some pretty impressive brands through unexpected campaigns that always hit the mark. And let’s face it, when it comes to marketing, a little bit of humor goes a long way.

Content Writing

I’m the kind of thinker who isn’t afraid to think outside the box (or tube, or jar, or bottle). I craft clever, entertaining messaging that’ll have customers stampeding to buy. My one-liners pack a punch and make a real impact on your bottom line.

Marketing Strategy

I believe in combining fun with strategy in my creative work, and that’s when the magic happens. Suddenly, the ordinary becomes amusing, the complex becomes easy to understand, the predictable becomes captivating, and your brand becomes a household name.


I have a knack for creating landing pages that transport your audience straight into your campaign. They’ll be so mesmerized, they won’t even consider closing the tab until you snap your fingers. It’s like a creative form of hypnotism, and I promise, it works like a charm.”

Social Media & Ads

After all, you need to be sharp, unique, and hilarious. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Google, or whatever the next big thing is, my creative campaigns are always a cut above the rest. With some of my clever and original ideas, you’ll see the results you’re after in no time.


Don’t tell them I took some glorious naps


I’ll keep it short, promised

Senior Creative

Graphic design with a purpose

Lightning Fast

Deadline yesterday? Gotcha

No Nonsense

Been there, done that


Even though my office is based in lovely Sint-Niklaas, I have a talented team of creatives from all around the world that I collaborate with on projects. So whether we’re working online, offline, or coming up with killer punchlines, you can trust that Panamon will deliver top-notch work that meets your goals. Panamon is here to shake things up.


If you need a creative boost, just give me a shout. I can handle just about anything in my sleep. But the real fun starts when you need something original, unique, revitalized, and executed in a way that no one has ever thought of before. That’s the kind of challenge that gets my creative juices flowing (and yours too, I’m sure).


Can I offer you a drink? Maybe a glass of your audience’s tear-filled laughter? Or perhaps a shot of your competitors’ angry tears? Either way, tears are on the menu. Strange, right? But cheers to that, because once you stop boring people to tears with your branding and advertising, your business will be doing so well that you can toast with whatever you fancy.


I swear I didn’t force them
Hein Strijker
    Hein Strijker

    Account & Partnership Director DEPT®

    Bram doesn’t give up easily. And is a very pleasant person to work with. Down to earth, driven and sympathetic. Packed with interesting and creative ideas and never afraid to give his opinion.

    Tuyet Nga Bui Thi
      Tuyet Nga Bui Thi

      Owner – NUI Digital Marketing

      Bram is my go to creative guy for some time now, never disappointed by his output. He has a mind of his own but uses his business savviness in a way that benefits your campaigns.

      Thomas Battaille
        Thomas Battaille

        Concepts & Projects at Lidl Stiftung GmbH & Co. kG

        Bram had tremendous ideas and was always supportive of our colleagues and suppliers. He’s a top-notch designer and a wise art director who’d made a tremendous addition to any marketing team.

        Geert Degrande
          Geert Degrande

          Co-Founder Re-story Impact Journalistiek at Re-story

          It was a pleasure to work with Bram on the several projects we collaborated in. He combines a creative mind with great result driven efficacity. A strong designer that keeps the scope in mind.